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Sign Proposal #1

Please find attached a site plan and several concepts for the entry sign to your neighborhood. The designs are basic in nature and have used a stone rendering. These can be executed in other materials based on preference and budget. I could have rendered in various materials but wanted to keep that part consistent in order to not confuse design issues. I can change rendering materials as needed. Version 1 (15’ L. x 18” W. x 6’ T.) is basically the same as the subdivision across Leestown Road. Version 2 (4’ W. x 7’ T.) is more vertical and would fit on the median facing Leestown Road. This would negate the need for the sign to be double-sided and could be set back further on the median from Leestown while still having good visibility. I haven’t attempted to find a final solution to letter fonts to be used. They could be raised or etched. I show these as raised. Version 3 (12’ L. x 6’ T.) is a variation on the first one but without the front pillar allowing more visibility. Finally, I have included a raised version (which could be used on any version) that would put the sign higher on a planting bed and give the sign even more visibility and some protection from vehicles that run off of the road. This proposal has a variation of the sign that would be parallel to Leestown Road.
MSsigns20160621 Page 004.jpg

Sign Proposal #2

All columns are 3’ x 3’ square at the base (caps pieces are wider). The columns are 5’ from base to top of veneer stone / bottom of the cap, and another 2’-3” from the bottom of the cap to the peak of the cap. The wall length minus the 3’ column is 16’ in all shown. The wall is 4’ high from base to bottom of wall cap, the cap is 4” tall. The ornamental fence panels shown in one of the variations is a total length of 12’. They are 4’ tall.