Below are the results of the 2016 Board Election that was concluded on September 20th, 2016.

Candidate Name  # of votes
Mario Anderson 161
Ben Baker* 79
Julie Baker 96
Zachariah Camp 175
Jeff Crabb 94
Brandon Feeback 112
Jeremy Neal 176
Bryan Thomas 163

*Ben Baker, withdrew from the race during the meeting.

There seemed to be some confusion on the paper ballots.  To clarify, if you were not going to be able to attend the meeting and turn them in yourself, you needed to have them turned in the day before the election.  However, if you or your proxy was available to attend the meeting, you could turn the ballots in at the meeting.

The 2016 Association Election is being held electronically. All members of the Association will be receiving postcards. The postcard’s mailing label will have a alpha-numeric code on the mailing label. This code is your registration number and will be needed in order to login to the website and place your vote. Website registration will be required in order to vote. Your registration information, including your e-mail address, will not be used in any way beyond this voting, but it is necessary.

If you’d prefer to receive a paper ballot, please contact the management office at 246-0911 or e-mail.

The online voting will open September 15th @ noon.  Online voting will conclude on September 20th, 2016 at 7pm.  You will be able to cast your paper ballot at the Annual Association meeting on September 20th, 2016 until 7:15pm.  For this election we have eight homeowners running for seven Board positions. We have four returning Board members and four new candidates. Information about these eight candidates can be found here & on the voting website.

For those of you who own more than one property in the neighborhood, your vote will be weighted in order to match the number of properties that you own. One vote will reflect all of your properties.

We hope everyone will participate in the election.

The link to the voting site is HERE

The on-line voting is being hosted by a third party provider.



The August Free Swim & Movie Night for MSNA residents has been scheduled for August 13 with gates opening at 6pm for non pool members.  
We will be showing The Minions.  The movie will start at dusk. For more information on the movie, go to
Come down to the pool and enjoy a fun evening with neighbors.