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Hello everyone.
In the event you need to get in touch with someone at The Clubhouse of Masterson Station, you can reach out to Terrie. She is available to assist with reserving the clubhouse and responding to any questions from the neighborhood. Her schedule, at the clubhouse is 9:30am-2pm on Tuesdays and Thursday’s.
(Terrie is volunteering her time while we select a replacement to handle the clubhouse
You can contact Terrie at the Clubhouse below:
Phone: 859-246-0911
Fax: 866-307-0163
Email: manager@mastersonstation.org
You can also send a message directly by submitting information at the link below: http://mastersonstation.org/contact-us/property-manager/
Mario Anderson — Vice President of MSNA/Board of Directors

Meeting: September 20, 2016

Board Members Present:
Jeff Crabb-President
Jeremy Slade-Vice President
Lori Hindenlang-Secretary
Julie Baker
Brandon Feeback
Jeremy Neal

Others in attendance:
26 Association members noted on sign-in roster
Commander Michele Remark

Jeff called the meeting to order at 7:07pm

Minutes from the June association meeting were handed out and reviewed.

Treasurers Report:
Jeff presented the financial reports as of August, 2016. Mr. Baker asked about the accounts receivables (AR) on the report. He wanted to know if old accounts are included or just what is owed for 2016. Jeff indicated that the AR goes back about 10 years and this account does not go back to zero each year.

Guest Speaker:
Commander Michele Remark was invited to talk with the members present about the crime activity in the neighborhood and in the city.

  • The Masterson Station crime numbers for July through September are very low compared to other areas of Lexington. In this time period there were three burglaries, two domestic instances, and seven auto larcenies. The suspects in one of the auto cases have been identified and charges have been made so the case is in the court system. However, the detectives are still finishing the investigation so no arrests have been made.
  • There is a third shift police patrol in Masterson Station. Use Raidsonline.com to keep track of local crime.
  • Crime prevention tips presented
    Lock doors
    Don’t leave valuables in vehicles parked in driveways
    Don’t leave wallets, purses, and keys where they can be seen through picture window

Questions or comments for Commander Remark

  • There is a lot of speeding on Lucille Drive.
  • What is the noise ordinance for vehicles, especially cars with no mufflers? She recommended getting license number and calling police.
  • What about cars parked on sidewalks? This is against a city ordinance so call police with address or license number.
  • What about dogs barking? This is not a police matter. Call Animal Control.

New Business:

1. MSNA does not have a Property Manager at this time. Messages can be left on voice mail and one of the board members will return calls.

2. Jeff shared the new entrance sign drawings to those present. The design is also located on the website. The board would like to thank Ramona Fry for creating the initial drawings that were used for the sign design.  The entrance committee is currently getting an architecturally drawn diagram of the sign from an engineer so the stone mason has exact measurements and a city sign permit can be obtained.

3. The clubhouse has a new floor and a new coat of paint. The deck is slated to be replaced before the November presidential elections.

4. The election of the new board of directors was held this past week. Online voting was available from September 14 until 6:59pm September 20. Paper ballots were available for member voting at the meeting. Due to an unexpected event, the results could not be announced at the meeting. The election results will be made public later in the week.

5. Shevawn Akers gave an update on upcoming events in Lexington.

  • The path behind the clubhouse that will link the pool and the park on Lucille is still in the works.
  • Masterson Station and Jacobson Parks have been awarded a splash pad that will be installed for next summer.
  • On October 2 there is a Fire Prevention event for families.
  • The streets in the areas of the neighborhood that are under active construction will not be plowed this winter. The streets are not yet the property of the city. The developers are responsible for any plowing.
  • The new fire station on Magnolia Springs will break ground in the fall and is slated to open in 2017.

Open Discussion:
1. It was suggested by a homeowner that the minutes to the association meetings be placed on the website.
2. A homeowner suggested that if the board needs work done that a request for bid be sent to homeowners first for a response prior to contacting other service providers. Jeff agreed that this was something that the new property manager should be made aware of once the position is hired.
3. Phyllis P. asked about finding the names of homeowners on her street that have do not maintain their homes, lawns, or fence. It was suggested she look up the address on the Fayette County PVA site.
4. A homeowner asked about the yellow painted curb that was recently appeared in front of her home. It was suggested she contact the city since they are the ones that painted the curb.
5. Mr. Baker suggested the neighborhood look into getting cluster mailboxes to alleviate the parking problem in the neighborhood. Jeff recommended that he poll his neighbors and contact the Postal Service.
6. The next association gathering will be December 20th at 7pm.

Adjournment: 8:25pm